Smoke Free for Two Months

I have recently tried these e cig things out. I have to say that initially I was not impressed, it did not seem to do much in the ways of curbing my addiction. I can say however that it definitely gave me a little pick me up if I was feeling particularly down. I don’t think that I would rely on this if I were trying to quit smoking primarily. Sure it is a nice way to ween yourself off of the cigarettes, but it definitely takes a great deal of self reliance as well. You can not just use this and stop smoking a few months later, you have to be able to tough it out because these things are nto going to get rid of your urges to smoke, it still takes a great deal of self control so if you were thinking that you could pick this up and quit you might be wrong.

I will say however that after the initial shock to my body the e cig seemed to pick up and start making it easier to get by my day. It definitely held me over I would say by the third week, from there it was nice and easy to just slowly drop the nicotine dosage and in a few months I was nicotine free. I can’t say that I could have done it without this e cig. But if I had been able to do it without the device it would not have been as easy and pain free. I think I would have been struggling a lot more at least internally about whether or not I wanted to keep going with the program. I definitely had some weak moments, but I am proud to say that I am now smoke free for two months.

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